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Plan for your future

Plan For Your Future

You’ve worked hard and want to be cognitively and physically healthy so you can confidently plan for your future. Getting a Cognitive Care Checkup® goes a long way in allowing you to take charge of your health and optimize your quality of life.

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Getting Started

Cognitive Care Management’s team of Cognitive Care Consultants® are experienced professionals who take all the time necessary to provide care tailored to your individual brain health needs. We provide the kind of personalized care that empowers you to reach the well-defined health goals we’ve set together. You are in control with access to services such as nutrition counseling and educational programs targeted to specific health and wellness concerns. In short, your Cognitive Care Consultant® will act as a trusted partner to help you make meaningful health choices that impact how well you live your life.


Identify Your Risk

We deploy evidence-based risk assessments to identify gaps in your wellbeing and care.  This enables us to employ innovative strategies and intervention aimed at keeping you healthy, managing and  reducing all of your risk factors.

Engage You

We actively engage our clients month over month, facilitating ongoing attention to your personalized Cognitive Care Plan® ensuring you continue to reach your goal to age successfully.

Update Your Care Plan

Ongoing review and updates to your Cognitive Care Plan® is the standard for Cognitive Care Management®. Our goals are aligned with your goals for your overall wellness and health optimization.

Communicate Needs

As risk is identified, the Cognitive Care Consultant® plays an integral part in connecting you with the appropriate intervention and to resources as you need them.

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We are experts and are ready to provide you with the tools and resources to allow you to age successfully.


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14200 N Northsight Blvd. Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85260