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The Team

The Team

Welcome to Cognitive Care Management®

Our Team

Meet the world-class team providing you with exceptional cognitive care and strategies for successful aging.

Brian Browne


Brian Browne is the president of Cognitive Care Management®.  Brian is a cognitive scientist, neuro-nutritionist, sought-after consultant, and national expert.

Dr. Gio Franco Bio Pic

Dr. Gio Franco

Medical Director

Dr. Gio Franco is a board certified physician and medical director of Cognitive Care Management®.

Dr. Jon C. Walkes

Consulting Physician

Dr.  Walkes is certified by The American Board of Thoracic Surgery and is a member of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Dr. Walkes has a long history of clinical excellence and has served as associate professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center.


Katie Groth

Cognitive Care Coordinator

Katie is the central hub of Cognitive Care Management.  Katie oversees the operational throughput and ensures everything and everyone are in the right places.

Cory Otterstrom

Media Production

Cory Otterstrom is responsible for media productions at Cognitive Care Management®.  He is an expert in photography, video and digital media.

Dr. Lorre' Rogers


Dr. Rogers-Franco is a certified therapist who works with with adults needing to find healthy ways to change the way they see themselves, their situation and adapt to the challenges and changes related to aging.

Dr. Rogers-Franco has 10+ years of experience treating clients.   She specializes treating a variety of conditions ranging from stress, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, life transitions, aging issues, and  Alzheimer’s relationship management.