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Cognitive Care Management

About Us

Did you know that your brain health is linked to your overall physical health, functional health and performance? In fact, your brain is involved in all aspects of life – It is an organ of health monitoring, regulation, performance, judgment, and decision making. Our brain is the most complex organ in the body as well as the most metabolic organ in the body and requires the largest percentage of calories and oxygen to power it. The brain is also fragile and can be damaged by disease and sub-par lifestyle choices.

As we age, it’s normal for us to become more aware and concerned about our cognitive health and overall wellness. In many instances, it’s the cognitive decline and wellness of a parent, spouse or sibling that becomes an issue of concern. Alzheimer’s disease is the most feared disease for people over the age of 60. Surprisingly, most people don’t know that they can significantly reduce their risk for cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s and other diseases of aging.

Our Mission

Providing education, tools and resources to age successfully and achieve life-long cognitive health and wellness

Our Vision

To deliver long-term sustained brain health and wellbeing to our community by being the preferred provider of cognitive care and functional wellness.

Welcome to Cognitive Care Management®

Cognitive Care Management is your first step in addressing your current and future cognitive health status and overall wellness. We are the place where individuals can take action and reduce their risk for dementia and other chronic diseases of aging. Take a look and see how we can help you age successfully.

Aging and Quality of Life

Cognitive Care Management® is based on the principle that upfront proactive assessments of your cognitive health and chronic disease indicators should translate into long-term positive brain health and a reduction in chronic illness.

Our work is rooted in science and research and focus on leading edge technology to deliver thoughtful, personalized preventive cognitive care so you can enjoy your life and/or your retirement the way it was intended to be lived. Cognitive Care Management® enables you to partner with us in the pursuit of excellent preventive cognitive health and overall wellbeing.

Our Services

Cognitive Care Checkup®

Ask yourself the following questions.
Now ask them on behalf of a parent, spouse or loved one.

Am I worried about how well I am aging / going to age?

Do I have trouble recalling words or names in a conversation?

Do I ever experience brain fog?

Am I forgetting events and appointments or losing track of the day and time?

Do I have difficulty paying attention, staying focused and / or completing tasks?

Have family or friends told me that I am repeating questions or saying the same things over and over?

Have my family or friends noticed changes in my mood, attitude or anxiety level?

Am I having difficulty keeping track of purchases and paying bills?

Do I have difficulty learning and remembering new things?

Do I sometimes forget why I went somewhere or where I am going?

Am I getting turned around and losing my sense of direction?

Have any members of my family been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

Cognitive Care Checkup®

The Cognitive Care Checkup® combines a series of screenings and health assessments as well as two separate professional consultations, one by a Cognitive Care Consultant®, the other by a physician specializing in functional medicine. This combination is designed to provide valuable answers, clarity, and information regarding your cognitive health, functional health and rate of aging using research driven, scientifically validated methods and tools.

Results will aid in providing clarity surrounding your risk for Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline, level of functional health and other age-related diseases.

The Cognitive Care Checkup® includes:

  • Complex Medical & Family History Inventory
  • Neuropsychological Cognitive Screening
  • Functional Health Assessments
  • Functional Nutritional Assessments
  • Functional Movement Assessments

Professional Consultation:

  • Cognitive Care Consultant®

Next Steps:

  • A detailed Cognitive Care Plan® complete with the support and tools for you to age successfully.
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We put you at the center of the brain health equation.

Designed for adults 40 and over.

While middle-age may seem young to be embarking on some screenings, changes in cognition and brain volume begin at 40 but may not be detected until symptoms appear 20 – 25 years later. We are in a unique situation worldwide in which our middle-age generation has been dubbed the “sandwich generation”, caring both for parents and children. At the same time, we have the largest population of people over the age of 65 in the history, creating medical and financial pressure on our healthcare system to support this generation as they transition to older age.

Personalized Planning & Care

Based on the results of your Cognitive Care Checkup®, you will receive a personalized functional health Cognitive Care Plan®.

Whether your Cognitive Care Checkup® reveals you are aging normally or showing any signs of cognitive or functional health changes, we partner with you and provide a detailed roadmap of next steps including medical management, health coaching, referrals to professionals, access to health education and/or counseling services to assist you and your family.

Your Cognitive Care Checkup® empowers you to understand your health, prevent illness, and improve your opportunity to optimize quality of life as you move into your future.


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