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Do our genes predict our future health and wellness? Current research sheds some light into whether we can count on our genes to help us or hurt us as we age. Join us as we talk about how we can influence our genes and reduce our risk for dementia.

Host Brian Browne with special guest Dr. Diego Mastroeni


Understanding aging and preparing to age-well can be a major source of stress for middle-aged adults and our senior population. The stress and procrastination of planning for all the eventualities of growing older is counterintuitive to overall wellness and good brain health. What’s the solution? On this episode of Brain Health 365 the podcast, Brian Browne will engage an expert encouraging us to “Actively embrace our mortality” and “prepare to grow old”. What does proactive aging and preparing for the eventual end of life look like in the 21st century? How can communication and preparation lead to better outcomes and better brain health?

Join us…

Host Brian Browne with special guest, corporate trainer and author, Cameron Svendsen, LCSW, MSW.


Research suggests that music expression and engagement is critical to maintaining optimal brain health throughout your life.  Music also plays a role in easing common behavioral symptoms of dementia like anxiety, agitation, and depression. Music is known to boost mood and self-esteem and help stimulate moments of joy for everyone, including those living with dementia. Our host Brian Browne will be joined by Shannon Wallace, a professional musician who specializes in interactive music workshops for people of all ages, especially those living with all stages of dementia, along with their care partners. Join us, meet Shannon, and discover why music is considered a brain healthy tool of expression for everybody.


Resilience is our ability to physically, emotionally, and mentally bounce back from adverse or unplanned life circumstances. Emotional resilience refers to how you use your emotions to understand and overcome stressful situations and develop your capability to manage life stress by recognizing our own potential emotional pitfalls. Our Emotions can be our best friend and worse enemy.  Our host Brian Browne, discusses and gives practical strategies and solutions to develop and achieve positive emotional resilience.


Your memory changes as you grow older. Some memory loss is normal but memory loss that disrupts daily life is not a typical part of aging. It may be a symptom of something more.  In this episode, your host Brian Browne discusses memory changes as we age with guest Aaron Ritter M.D., geriatric psychologist, and neurologist at The Cleveland Clinic Ruvo Center for Brain Health.